Precision Disease Detection

Precision Disease Detection

In over 25 years, we’ve learned that cancer is a disease of many diseases. To really identify prostate cancer - so that we can properly treat it - we need to look at the problem from both a large scale (e.g. studying the diseases of many men) and a small scale (e.g. studying what makes one man’s prostate cancer uniquely different from another's).

Precision Screening

In recent years, great debate has arisen about the risks and benefits of cancer screening. At the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we are neither bullish nor bearish on screening. Instead, we believe in precision screening the way that we believe in precision medicine: right screening for the right man at the right time. Thanks to research funded by PCF, we have an increased awareness of what risk factors might contribute to early onset of disease.


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The Precision Microbiome

“Microbiome” refers to the collection of microorganisms living in your body, and particularly, your gut.

What do microorganisms have to do with cancer?

Turns out it could be a lot. In one study, researchers found that differences in gut microbiota influenced how well patients responded to immunotherapy. At PCF, we have a 25-year history of investing in the most innovative, cutting-edge, cure-producing, life-saving research. A $1 million 2016 PCF Challenge Award funded the first ever field study of the gut microbiome in prostate cancer patients. Dr. Karen Sfanos and her team at Johns Hopkins University discovered that the same bacteria that causes acne may also be implicated in triggering early prostate cancer development.


For your body to stay healthy and cancer fighting, it’s important to have a diversity of bacteria in your gut. Not too much good stuff and not too much bad stuff: just the right cocktail for your immune system.


So much! Exploring the relationship between the microbiome and cancer is an active, emerging area of research for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

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