Cultivating Talent

Cultivating Talent

The Prostate Cancer Foundation focuses on funding science that is the most likely to accelerate new treatments for patients. To get there, we have developed a thriving young investigator program that provides support to the brightest researchers working on the most cutting-edge discoveries. This may be a high-risk strategy, but it’s also high reward for patients.

Howard Soule:
Mentoring Young Investigators

For over 20 years, Dr. Soule, Chief Science Officer at PCF, has mentored the top scientists in the world and brought them into the PCF research family. Dr. Soule spends a large portion of his year traveling to research facilities around the world to personally visit with the scientists that he champions – and that dedication pays off in the form of life-saving research.

Don’t take our word for it, though; listen as Dr. Soule’s students discuss how much his leadership and dedication has meant to them.

A Legacy of Equality for Women in Science

For decades, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has been an uncompromising advocate for women in medical research, fostering the careers of women scientists, especially in the early stages when it is often particularly difficult. The PCF Young Investigator Award Program has helped provide critical funding to promising young women investigators.

“When I started in the field, less than 10% of the meeting participants were women. We felt like coming together as a group and thinking of how we can collaborate, how we can accelerate and support each other. It was really important, and PCF was incredibly supportive.”

-Dr. Lorelei Mucci, Co-Founder, Women's Networking Forum

Meet Our Scientists

PCF is proud to support the most promising research by the most talented researchers working in the cancer field today. Not only is their work A+ quality, but their integrity and commitment to helping patients is unrivaled. Here are just a few of the brilliant young investigators in the PCF family today.

Dan Spratt, MD

“I tell all the residents and the fellows that I work with, I tell them I have the best job in the world because I get to just help people.”
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Ping Mu, PhD

“When I was young I wasn't a very healthy kid. I always got sick. And every time my uncle was the one who gave me the feeling of safety when I got sick. So I really want to be someone like him, to bring other people safety, and help other people.”
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Leigh Ellis, PhD

“The thought of helping a patient just gets me out of bed at 4:30 or 5:00 AM everyday. It gets me into the office as quick as I can be, and gets me inspired.”
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Reem Malek, PhD

“I wanted to do something to help people in whatever way I can. It's something that my mom instilled in me since I was a little kid. So the way I went about it was to become a doctor.”
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