Awareness & Action

Awareness & Action

Through the visionary leadership of philanthropist and prostate cancer survivor Mike Milken, PCF has not only built the largest prostate cancer research enterprise in the world, it has also touched the lives of millions of families whose husbands, fathers, brothers and grandfathers wouldn’t be here today without the blue-ribbon work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Keep Dad in the Game

Thanks to the generous support of Major League Baseball, PCF has been the gracious beneficiary of 25 years of the longest running philanthropic pro-sports-league partnership in history. Through the MLB-PCF Home Run Challenge, fans have a chance to pledge their support to both prostate cancer research and their favorite team. Since inception, the program has raised more than $50 million for breakthroughs in prostate cancer research and has widely educated the general public about the benefits of early detection.

June 4, 2017- Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Mets

From left to right: Mike Milken, Justin Slatky and son Alex Slatky Mark Shenkman, Jordan Barrow and his two sons.

Progress & Passion:
A Letter from Chairman Mike Milken

Dear Friends,

When the Prostate Cancer Foundation was founded in 1993, we faced a challenge. Roughly one in six men was diagnosed with prostate cancer and more than 40,000 died each year. With the aging population, these numbers were projected to get much worse. Yet most people knew little about the disease, and research funding was scant. Thanks to your support, that has all changed.

Prostate cancer deaths are down 52%, a full 80% lower than what experts had projected. That translates to 1.5 million men who weren’t expected to be with us but who are alive today to live productive lives, celebrate Father’s Day, witness their kids get married, and hold grandchildren in their arms.

At the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we feel a deep gratitude to everyone who has supported us. Over the years, we’ve systematically approached our goal of saving men’s lives around the globe with a surgeon’s precision.

But make no mistake: this is personal.

I am a prostate cancer survivor who has lost way too many family members to cancer, and, like you, I am driven by personal motivation to rid the world of the pain, suffering, and loss caused by cancer. We are so much closer to the end of all death from prostate cancer, but we will not stop until not another man dies of this disease. Until then, we continue to look under every rock so that you and I, together, can bring an end to cancer.


Mike Milken
Chairman and Founder
Prostate Cancer Foundation

Many vs Cancer

So often the #1 complaint from families who have been affected by cancer is “I feel powerless against this disease.” Many vs Cancer was founded on the idea that anyone can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Meet a few of our inspirational Many vs Cancer fundraisers

This is a community of people who are no longer willing to accept cancer’s power over their lives or their loved ones. This is a community of people who have made it their passion to fight back!



Ramiro is an LA-based custodian with a passion for running. After his twin sister was diagnosed with BRCA+ breast cancer, Ramiro decided to dedicate his runs to her and to start fundraising for cancer research. When he learned that the BRCA gene is also an area of focus for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Ramiro joined Many vs Cancer and started inviting friends, family and local business professionals to support him. To date, he has run over 1,000 miles for PCF, raising more than $60,000.



When Len Bellavia, an expert attorney in automotive franchise law, discovered he had been misdiagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, he decided that the universe was telling him it was time to give back. Len used his passion for cars to organize the Cruisin’ for the Cure classic car show. He has raised nearly $50,000 for PCF to date, and is currently reaching out to over 14,000 automotive dealers, requesting donations to PCF.



When Julie’s dad, Norman, passed away from advanced prostate cancer, the family was all-in on helping to cure the disease. During Norman’s last months, he always reminded his family that "today is a great day to be alive." In that same spirit, Julie joined Many vs Cancer and gathered friends and family to celebrate Norman’s life while raising funds through a fun “wine-pull” event. With the support of her network, Julie has raised nearly $4,000.

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